Frequently Asked Questions

Home Service

What if my property is protected with an alarmed security system?

Please let us know, at the time of scheduling services, that you have a security system. You can choose to be home when our crew arrives or you can arrange to provide our cleaning team (?) with safe access to your home on scheduled cleaning days.

What should I do with my pets on cleaning days?

It is important for your pet’s and our crew’s safety that we are aware you have pets and where they are located on the property. It is best if your pets are secured in a contained area, such as a fenced yard or kennel while our cleaning staff is on-site. For health reasons, please be aware that our team cannot clean litter boxes or any area containing animal or human waste.

What should I do with my valuables when your crew is here?

If you have valuables, such as jewelry, cash, or irreplaceable items, please secure them in a safe and non-accessible place. If you want certain personal, valuable items included in your cleaning, please provide instructions and recommended products and allow the proper time to care for them.

I have a custom home. Is your staff trained in cleaning high-end materials?

We understand that custom homes have unique needs. Materials such as granite, marble, and natural woods must be cleaned with extreme care. We spend countless hours training our cleaning team on the appropriate products and cleaning techniques to use with specific materials. Most importantly, we sit down with you and conduct an in-home evaluation to go over the unique qualities of your custom home. Together we establish a personalized program that best answers your custom home’s needs.

Rental Maintenance

Can you help me get my home ready to rent or sell?

Absolutely. We understand that first impressions are key when your home is on the market to rent or sell. Our specially-trained Home Services Advisor will work with you to prepare a plan to clean, restore, repair, and protect the value of your home. Our team of cleaning, restoration, and maintenance experts will then come in to make it a showcase home and fully market-ready to rent or sell.

My property needs some small repairs. Do you do that?

Yes. Ensuring your home is ready to sell or rent as quickly as possible is important. Sometimes, those small repairs can add up to quite a lengthy list and you could use some help. All Bright’s network of handymen can make short work of that list, from replacing light bulbs in hard-to-reach fixtures, to handling small carpentry projects, and much more.

Commercial Services

Our property is a retail center. Do you provide all-day cleaning and maintenance services?

This is known as Day Porter services and, yes, All Bright has a team of specially-trained day porters who keep high foot traffic areas clean and maintained. From emptying trash cans to cleaning bathrooms to quick clean-up of spills, our Day Porter services will keep your property clean and well-maintained for your customers.

Do you maintain the outside of commercial properties as well?

All Bright Maintenance understands that property maintenance extends beyond the building walls. That’s why we provide both landscaping and hardscaping services. We can pressure wash your parking lot, provide general plant trimming and lawn cutting services, and ensure your fountains and patios are clean and maintained.

Are you licensed to work on commercial property?

All Bright Maintenance has been a licensed, bonded, and insured company for over 40 years.

Will your crew clean the carpets, if asked?

We do provide carpet cleaning services, as well as other non-regularly scheduled additional services, such as window washing, pressure washing parking lots, and small repairs. These types of services must be scheduled in advance and we will send out a separate crew to complete the service.

General Questions

Which areas do you serve?

We provide home, rental, and commercial property cleaning & maintenance services throughout the greater Bay Area, including San Mateo, Santa Clara, and Alameda counties.

Who provides the cleaning supplies?

All Bright is a turnkey operation. Our team arrives on-time to your home, rental, or commercial property with all cleaning products and tools necessary to complete the work. If, however, you have a specific cleaning product you prefer, we will be happy to use it to complete the task.

Do my services have a guarantee?

Yes, by calling us within 24 hours, we will send your crew back to redo the items that you were not satisfied at no charge to you.

Who do you hire to come into my home/building?

We conduct a thorough background check on all of our employees. Additionally, our company and its employees are licensed, bonded and insured, which protects you and your home. Our cleaning staff is trained and supervised, not just in top-of-the-line cleaning techniques, but also in providing superior customer service. Each and every All Bright employee treats your property with respect and would never use profanity, eat, or drink while in your home.

How do I book a service?

Click here or simply go to our home or services page on our website and select the 'BOOK NOW' button. Follow the book online Wizard. Tell us about youself, your needs - Home, Rental or Commercial. Choose a service or a service-combo to fit your needs and submit the form. One of our representative will then contact you to verify the information you provided and will confirm your appointment. If you are not comfortable to book online or the service(s) you need requires a service evaluation, just give us a call at 408-280-1234 and we will be happy to book a service or schedule a FREE on-site evaluation for you.

Do I have to stay while the cleaning gets done?

If you prefer, you may stay. Or take a little "me time!". Stay in or step out, either way you'll be amazed at the results of your clean and bright home.If you decide to leave, just instruct the cleaning team how to contact you once they are done and/or how to lock up. If you would like a phone call before the team leaves your place, please let us know.

How do I pay?

You can chose to pay upon completion with a check or call our office to process a credit card payment or simply use our secured Pay Online option through our website.

What is your cancellation policy?

Your booking needs to be canceled 48 hours before the service date and time. The cancellation Fee will be half of the services booked.