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Our superior cleaning and maintenance team is highly trained in the best and safest commercial cleaning techniques, following the highest standards in the industry. Best of all, we do this at the most competitive prices in the Bay Area!


Disinfecting Services

Certified by the Global Biorisk Advisory Council and designed around the public health COVID-19 CDC guidelines

  • Detail Clean- Room by room meticulous cleaning, emphasizing areas prone to visible and invisible pathogen growth. This service focuses on high touch surfaces such as door knobs, light switches, telephones, keyboards, furniture handles

  • Disinfect- while focusing on high touch surfaces, our team will disinfect surfaces in your property using a bleach solution

  • Sanitize- the final stage of this service includes sanitization with a 70% alcohol solution

Janitorial Services

Commercial cleaning has moved to a new level, and it's much more than just emptying trash and light dusting. All Bright's full range of cleaning services backed by our 43 years of experience ensures that you are receiving the highest- level quality services on the market. Our commercial cleaning services means keeping your building sanitized and in compliance with the highest standards.

Post-Construction Clean-Up

Construction is almost complete! One of the last, often most daunting steps, is the clean-up. Let All Bright help with your post construction clean up. We use a proven three-step strategy:

  1. Heavy cleaning and removal of debris.

  2. General cleaning of all rooms, bathrooms and kitchen, including dust removal from all surfaces, floors and overhead.

  3. Detailing and polishing of surfaces, counters, floors, bathrooms, offices, common areas and complete window washing.

Day Porter Services

Our team of highly-qualified and trained Day Porters are accustomed to working in busy, high-traffic areas such as, retail stores, hotels, offices, malls and other public buildings. Our Day Porter cleaning services can include all day litter removal, spill clean-ups as they happen, restroom sanitation and re-stocking throughout the day and more. We also handle minor repairs and even touch-up painting.

Handyman Services

Maintain your home with the help of our highly skilled handyman services. We help you take care of your to-do list ensuring your home's small repair jobs get done both inside and out.

Carpet Cleaning

Our mission is to enhance the appearance and prolong the life of every carpeted room in your office. We do this through the use of a hot water extraction method with a truck mounted unit. This is the preferred method of many carpet manufacturers because of the after lift and heat capabilities, allowing for more water, dust and abrasive particle removal resulting in less wear and pile abrasion.

Floor Stripping & Waxing

Restore and preserve the appearance and shine of your commercial floors. By stripping the outer layer of the floor and replacing it with a fresh coat of wax you can protect the integrity of the material and extend the life of your floor. This will also ultimately reduce the day to day maintenance of your surfaces.  

Window Washing

This service includes a detailed washing of the glass inside and out, vacuuming and brushing of tracks and the removal, washing and reinstalling of all screens. Our professional equipment includes, washing bonnet, squeegee, glass washing solutions and recommended razor blades for the very best results that let the sunshine in!

Exterior Pressure Washing

We'll give your wood, stone, and concrete surfaces a proper pressure wash to keep them looking their best. This targeted service is aimed at removing hard to remove dirt, mildew, paint and residue from your decks, patios, driveways and walkways. We also power wash the complete exterior of your home's walls.

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